Keith Kettering, Director of Fitness and Biomechanics

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For nearly 15 years, Keith has focused on golf specific performance, where he has worked with numerous amateur and professional golfers. He is well versed in the correlation between golf specific fitness and sound swing mechanics. Keith has a B.S. from California State University, Northridge, is ISSA certified, Titleist Performance Institute certified, and Body Balance For Performance certified. Keith has a vast understanding of the physiology and biomechanics required to generate a powerful, repeatable and consistent golf game for any golfer. He understands the development of the synergy between a person’s general and golf specific fitness and their swing potential.

Keith played competitive golf for over 30 years, playing to a low index of +2.1. He competed in the Remax World Long Drive Championships, making it to 15 District Finals with a long drive in competition of 452 yards. In addition he has been privileged to entertain many celebrity charity events with his long drive skills.

Keith has worked with general conditioning, rehabilitation and specific performance conditioning from quality of life clients whom have lost more than 200 pounds to elite level professional athletes training for a performance edge. Each population group has given Keith challenges and new insights into how rewarding it is to educate and motivate others to achieve and even exceed their fitness goals. Keith is also a Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance. Motivating others to work smart, feel great and to achieve their goals is his passion!

Keith believes that most people intend to succeed, but only those who take action on their intentions will grow and realize true success. Keith loves being part of the action!

The Player Fitness Evaluation    $125
The evaluation process is a beginning look into your golf specific fitness.  It will take between 75 minutes and 90 minutes in duration.  In this beginning phase we will look at golf specific physiological aspects of the body that relate to flexibility, stability, posture, hip rotation, dynamic motion, kinematic sequence and body awareness.  This process allows you and I to look at aspects of you physicality that benefit your golf swing and identify those areas that hinder sound swing mechanics.  From this evaluation we will set forth a program to identify the course of action which best helps you to reach your golf goals.   Remember that your body is the most important piece of equipment that you have!  Is it helping you to reach your golf goals or holding you back from reaching your swing potential?

The Champion Package     $500
This package consists of 5 gym sessions, which can be used over a 2 month period of time.  Following the evaluation this package allows you and I to get together and work on the process to improve flexibility and work on stability in a systematic way.  We will begin to unlock your body’s potential in the areas of consistency, power and injury prevention.  Every person is unique and every body is unique.  This package is designed for the player who is looking to improve their flexibility, strength and stamina to take the physical part of their golf game to the next level.

The Masters Package       $850
This package consists of 9 gym sessions and 1 range session with your swing coach, which can be used over a 4 month period of time.  Following the evaluation this package allows you and I to get together and work on the process to improve flexibility and work on stability in a systematic way.  We will begin to unlock your body’s potential in the areas of consistency, power and injury prevention.  This program has all the benefits of the Champion Program with the added benefit of working one of the sessions with your swing coach.  During this time we will bring together the Mind, Body and Swing connection which is so powerful for the intermediate and advanced golfer.  This package will help a great deal in your understanding of how your body works, relative to the golf swing, how to improve endurance and how to fuel performance!

What is Golf Specific Fitness?

For many these two words form a confusing mental image. How does fitness have anything to do with golf?

  • Golf fitness is based on releasing, reeducating and strengthening key areas of the body responsible for repeatability, power and confidence in the golf swing.
  • Structural changes can greatly help to reduce lower back problems and prevent injuries.
  • Golf fitness is a process of structural changes, contributing to improved posture, increased rotation, improvements in flexibility. In addition golf fitness improves core strength to support spine angle and improve balance contributing to greater speed strength for more distance, with the same effort.
  • Improves and allows for a golfer to feel and understand the proper kinematic sequence of an effortless, well balanced and mechanically sound golf swing.
  • “The most important piece of equipment you have is your body!”

Who can benefit from Golf Specific Fitness?

Every golfer can benefit from golf fitness.

  • Improved posture.
  • Body balancing.
  • Improved rotation.
  • Improved stability.
  • Better body awareness.
  • Lower back health.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Wrist strength and stability.
  • Increased Stamina.

What is the first step?

  • The first step for every golfer, no matter beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional is to go through an approximate 75 – 90 minute evaluation.
  • The process involves many movements and drills that will test to see how well your body is conditioned to move and stabilize all the aspects that make up a powerful and repeatable golf swing.
  • From this information we will learn a lot about what your golf swing will look like.
  • The next step is to look at your swing video and discuss with your Ledbetter golf instructor, where you are and where you are going with your swing.
  • From this information, a game plan is put together so that we all work together as a team to reach your goals.
  • This is a team effort focused on helping you to realize your success!

Why is golf fitness important to improving my golf game?

  • The best golfers balance and master the mind, body and swing equation.
  • The best golfers balance and master the mind, body and swing equation.
  • r, where you are and where you are going with your swing.The body plays a key part in making a repeatable and consistent golf swing.
  • to get TIf a person’s body has physical limitations either from a mobility or a stability nature they can practice until they find a compensation for those limitations, struggle with improvement or simply fix the problem.
  • compensations Compensations often fail under pressure or result in injury.
  • StStruggling and feeling like you will never achieve what your swing coach is trying to get your body to do is very frustrating at any level.
  • Fixing the physical limitation or working on body movement away from the golf ball requires a much shorter learning curve and in most cases allows a much faster progression in the game.
  • Feeling good and having a body that moves correctly without compensations is great for the mind. Confidence and belief in your abilities is a huge part of the golf journey at every phase of the journey.
  • Finally cardiovascular conditioning is important for heart health and stamina, whatever the length of your golf outing or tournament. Making good decisions and having the energy to finish strong goes a long way to realizing success.

When Should I get started on my golf fitness?

  • If your body is the most important piece of equipment that you have.
  • If improved body mechanics can shorten the learning curve for any golfer at any level.
  • If body compensations have a higher probability of failing under pressure and can cause injury.
  • You owe it to yourself and your golf journey, wherever you are, to at least come in for a fitness evaluation. I am confident that you will learn more about yourself, your swing and the cause and effect that your physicality has on your golf game.

“Keith’s impact on my fitness level has been exiting. I am stronger and longer than in my tour days and my back pain is gone. He has improved my energy, confidence and quality of life! I feel great again!”

Marci – Houston, TX - Veteran LPGA Tour Player - PGA / LPGA Teaching Professional

“Keith helped me create a balance between my golf swing, golf fitness and general fitness that not only allowed me to improve my golf performance and athleticism, but also provided insights to improve my health and quality of life, for the rest of my life.”

Emily, Burbank, CA - U.S. Women’s Publinks Champion - Mini Tour Player

"As an ex-college tennis player and highly ranked amateur when I was 25 years I have experience training and competing at a high level athletically.   That was over 20 years ago I had a new set of goals in mind.    At age 48 and fairly out of shape I decided to try and improve my golf game.  I was a 13 handicap and had a goal of getting to a low single digit golf handicap.   To accomplish this I spent a year retooling a new swing with a golf professional that had been working with me. I knew that fitness would be a necessary component of achieving my goal but wanted to focus on the swing changes necessary first.   With the new and improved swing I turned to Keith to provide me with a comprehensive fitness plan that included overall fitness training as well as specific golf related training techniques.    He listened intently to my specific intentions and discussed in detail an approach to achieving my goals.  In 3 months I lost 25 pounds, reduced my body fat immensely and have the best core muscles of my life.   My flexibility has greatly improved and the stiffness and pain is gone.   I am hitting the ball more consistently off the tee and very long.  My handicap index is now a 3.6 and getting better.   My ability to maintain posture and strength through entire rounds is completely attributed to the fitness training.   Once Keith set my training in motion it was his continual communication and motivational talks with me that gave me a sense that it was a team effort to achieve my goals.  His deep understanding of the human body as well as his complete understanding of the "Golf Swing" has helped me achieve my goals so quickly.   My only regret is that I did not know Keith in my tennis playing days."

Scott – Round Rock, TX

"I have been a client of Keith for 3 years until he moved to Austin and all I can say is that he has changed my life!!! Before I met Keith, I always thought that golf had nothing to do with fitness and vise versa…he proved me wrong. Keith has been very instrumental in getting me in perfect shape and a great swing to add to it!!!
Thanks Keith!!!" 

Hansel - Burbank, CA

“There are not enough adjectives to express my appreciation for what you have done for me, and for what I have learned from you, since we started working together. Saying “Thanks” just doesn’t seem enough. Your strategy for combining specific exercises to stretch and strengthen my “golf muscles” with stamina-building fitness techniques has developed my body from the inside out, within my time budget to maximize my results. My golf teacher has verified that your techniques have directly contributed to the improvements in my posture, swing, ball flight and distance. But, the benefits to me have been far greater than applies to my golf. You also continue to be very supportive and encouraging and take an active interest in me as a “whole person” and your program has benefits for my whole life, not just golf. Thank you for challenging me to be all that I can be!”

Lisa, Georgetown, TX