UPDATE: 7/5/2020


As of July 3, 2020, we have been required to close due to new City of Austin Parks and Recreation Ordinance. WE WILL RE-OPEN AUGUST 1ST FOR NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS. We are a family owned business and we appreciate your support during this time.

COVID-19 Golf Operating Protocols, Directives, and Requirements

  1. Prohibit all non-employees of the golf course from entering all pro-shops, interior rooms, bars and dining areas.
  2. Eliminate walk-up tee times and require golfers to pay in advance over the phone or on­-line.
  3. Follow and require compliance with all Social Distancing Requirements of the Stay Home Stay Safe Order, which include maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from other individuals, washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer, covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands), regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, and not shaking hands.
  4. Place signage outside the pro-shop and clubhouse entries outlining the Social Distancing Requirements in place under the Stay Home Stay Safe Order and require that golfers and staff replace handshakes, high-fives, etc. with other touch-less forms of greeting and celebrations.
  5. Remove group seating areas and do not promote seating.
  6. Conduct no indoor events.
  7. Conduct, allow or sponsor no tournaments, pool play, competition, trainings, practice instruction or other types of similar activities so the Social Distancing Requirements are adhered to the fullest extent possible and public health is not placed in jeopardy.
  8. Place appropriate signage on carts, around the clubhouse and golf course with the phone number to call in food orders with an explanation that credit/debit/gift card transactions are required.
  9. Eliminate sit-down food and beverage services and only provide "call-ahead," "take-out," "delivery," and/or "to go" services and place appropriate markings in order to spread out any players awaiting "to go" orders in order to comply with the Social Distancing Requirements.
  10. Disconnect and remove all drinking water stations from the course and advise players to purchase or bring their own beverages prior to tee off and consider providing sealed bottled water to players.
  11. Require that only one person may ride in a golf cart at any time; provided, however, more than one rider may ride in a golf cart if all riders in such cart reside together in the same household.
  12. Require players to obtain pre-positioned, sanitized carts (if not walking) from a designated area and proceed to the first tee without personal contact with golf course staff.
  13. Increase tee time intervals to spread players out on the course.
  14. Direct players to leave the pin in the cup at all times.
  15. Raise the cup up an inch above the green's surface so that players can count it as going into the cup when the ball hits the cup.
  16. Encourage players to allow "gimmies."
  17. Spread out driving range stations to separate players.
  18. Place balls on the range for players so they can be accessed using a club and ensure range balls are cleaned by staff thoroughly with soap after every pick-up prior to making available for players.
  19. Short Game and Putting Practice Areas: Remove shag bags and devices that collect or push balls (such as PVC piping) from the area. Place alignment sticks, or stakes on the green as targets, and/or turn the cups upside down and leave in the hole. Remove all flags and institute a ''bring your own practice balls policy."
  20. Remove bulk scorecard, pencil and tee holders from starter areas.
  21. Remove sand containers, coolers or anything from a golf cart that could be "shared." This includes scorecards, tees, pencils and towels - these items shall not be offered during this time.
  22. Remove rakes from the course and temporarily require players to play such areas as non- hazards.
  23. Remove ball washing stations or place out of usable areas.
  24. Not provide any rental clubs.
  25. Remove all non-essential devices from golf practice range or practice greens, such as bag stands or den caddies.
  26. After completing play, require walkers to go directly to their cars to leave the golf course, require resident members/players to immediately leave the golf course and for players that ride in a cart that are not resident members/players, require that their carts be parked in designated areas and then go directly to their cars to leave the golf course.
  27. Require golfers to personally dispose of any trash they may have in receptacles provided by the golf course and to not leave trash in golf carts.
  28. Update the golf course's website to provide the requirements provided herein.
  29. Increase the frequency of routine cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of all locations, especially all common and high traffic areas, and frequently touched surfaces and provide protective gloves to all staff performing such cleaning.
  30. For golf courses that keep restrooms open for use, such restrooms must be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected every thirty (30) minutes while the golf course is open.
  31. If portable restrooms are used by a golf course, they must include hand washing stations with foot-activated devices adjacent to the units.
  32. Increase any hand sanitizer or hand cleaning stations on the golf course.
  33. All golf course hand tools and equipment for golf course operations shall be frequently and adequately sanitized.
  34. Sanitize golf carts prior to issuing to players.
  35. Ensure approved antimicrobial products are used for all sanitation procedures.
  36. Train all staff on hygiene, sanitation and food handling to learn about epidemic prevention and control.
  37. Ensure staff can recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 and know how to act responsibly if they detect or exhibit symptoms.
  38. Sun City Texas, Georgetown, Texas Golf Courses: Due to a demographic that is highly vulnerable to the COVID-19 and in accordance with a unanimous decision of the Sun City Community Association to close all Sun City Community Association indoor and outdoor amenities, including all Sun City Texas golf courses, until April 19, 2020, all Sun City Texas, Georgetown, Texas Golf Courses shall be closed during the effective period of the Stay Home Stay Safe Order issued by County Judge Bill Gravell, Jr. on March 24, 2020.